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Rainbow Lagoon

Hydrotherapy for Everyone.


Dive into a world of healing and relaxation at Rainbow Lagoon! Our hydrotherapy pool offers a unique experience, combining the therapeutic properties of water with a beautiful and tranquil atmosphere. Experience the ultimate in stress relief and wellbeing today.


The pool sits at a lovely 34C and is a consistent depth of 1.2m; this means the majority of adults can move around the pool comfortably.

We have easy access sloped stairs into the pool and a 'U' Staircase t
o the pool platform, the changing rooms are located next to the pool with clear male and female options. We also have a lovely disabled changing room with a raised bed for ease. 

The pool has toilet and shower facility available to all.

The site does NOT have any form of hoists, all users will need to be able to use the steps or be carried by adult or carer. There is 8 Steps in both staircases (to the platform & into the pool) 

A site visit is always available before booking if required.

We have a lovely viewing gallery upstairs to allow parents / carers to watch sessions take place if not involved themselves.

We also have the Zen Den coming soon! 

Sessions Avaliable

We are proud to have a host of different sessions taking place at Rainbow Lagoon and are always looking for new options to offer our community.

If you have something in mind contact us and we will happily investigate further!


Some of these sessions are provided by our sister companies - Rainbow Aquatics & Rainbow Aquatics Aqua Fitness & Yoga.

* Aqua Yoga

* Aqua Fitness

*Gentle Fitness Sessions (program led)

*Physio/GP/Osteopath Sessions 

* Aqua Sound Bath

* Watsu

*Baby - Pre-school Swimming lessons

*Private Swimming Lessons

*Beginners - Intermediate swimming lessons

*Community Swims

*SEND / Home School Provisions & Lessons

*Private Parties

*Exclusive Use Family Hire

*Exclusive Use Commercial Hire

What Is A Community Swim?

What is Gentle Fitness?

What is Physio / GP Referral?

A community swim is a session that is open to anyone to book to come and use our hydrotherapy pool.

This can be parent and child, adults, vulnerable users & careers; wishing to use the pool for exposure, light swimming, gentle movement.

Gentle Fitness is a session that is open to anyone to book to come and use our hydrotherapy pool for lower / back / upper workouts. We take you through a workout similar to aqua fitness however less intense and focusing on building our muscle strength and stamina slightly more. A session you can still work really hard in or take it gently if required.

If you have been seen by hospitals or specialists and have been given exercises to do within the hydrotherapy pool then this is the session for you!

This is a self motivated session, staff will be on site to assist with equipment.

There is a maximum of 5 users per session. No actual referral is required but we ask that you speak to your professional before starting any kind of exercise. We are a private company with no support from the NHS but we are here to support you as much as possible.

Site Users

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If you would like to use the site for your own needs business or private please get in touch

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