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My son absolutely loves his swimming lessons. Its part of our weekend routine and we wouldn't change it for the world. Lukas is gaining in confidence every week and i love watching him progress with his swimming skills. I am not a strong swimmer and I didnt want the same fear for Lukas and thanks to his wonderful teachers I don't have to be concerned at all. Lessons are always good fun. Highly recommend

Sandie Hillier

Jenny is fantastic with our boys. They have soo much confidence in the water now. Thankyou! xx

Charlie Brauninger

Both my children have been swimming with Rainbow Aquatics since they were a couple of months old, our eldest is now 5. The reason we started the swimming lessons at an early age was to build their confidence and in turn their safety around water. But from this, we have gained so much more than expected with the bonding we have had and also their and our confidence in water with each other, to also seeing their joy when playing and also the excitement of swimming independently the first time. Lessons are well planned and structured, giving time for both learning and fun play. All the children in the lessons that we have attended have been encouraged and taught depending on their own ability and confidence, with exercises and advice to help progress. Our children's and all the others safety has always come first but not to the detrement of them having fun during lessons. We are lucky enough to have the lessons at Harry's Hydro in Frome, which is a fantastic pool that is heated so no worries about anyone getting cold. So a big thank you Jenny and the kids can't wait to get back into the pool and get swimming again!

We started swimming with Jenny when my daughter was 10 months old. She has loved the water ever since. Jenny made us both feel very welcome and comfortable from the start which I can't thank her enough for. My daughter's confidence in the water has grown and she gets very excited waiting for her lesson to start!

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Amy Parker

Jenny & Mia
Look at me swimming!
Preschool fun!
Rainbow Aquatics, Harry's Hydro, Frome
Baby in a bucket!
Starfish underwater photo
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