The Answers You Need

Does my baby need its first set of immunisations before lessons?

No babies can swim from  birth. At our hydro babies are very comfortable in the lovely warm water of 34C. In other pools it can be recommended babies wait until 10 weeks old and always wear a babywarma.
Mum's are recommended to have their 6 week post check up. Any concerns please do speak to your GP or midwife and keep me in the loop; check out the NHS link below.


Do I need to be able to swim?

No, parents do not have to be able to swim as adults will generally stay at chest height or their own comfortable depth.

The pool is 1.3 m deep at Harry’s Hydro 

Do I have to get in the pool?

Yes, our lessons are parent & child for many great reasons.

The 30 minute lessons are special bonding time between you and your child. It gives you 30 minutes together that cannot be interrupted by general life like your phone or the dreaded cleaning!  We are so lucky to have Harry's hydro pool that there's never the 'AGRH cold pool' moment!

Do I have to purchase a particular brand of swimming wear?

No, you can use any brand you wish as long as the double layer nappy system is followed. (swim nappy & swim nappy cover)

We only recommend our particular retailers as we have tried, tested & fallen in love with them. We stock and sell a small selection that can be purchsed directly from us, this takes away delivery costs and the worry if its the wrong size as we can easily change sizes poolside ready for your lesson! However if you still wish to purchase through our retailer you will get a special discount at checkout when using our link. 


Can I bring someone to watch?

Of course! Depending on the pool may equal if there is seats or just standing room. Please ask us for more information.