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At Rainbow Aquatics, we strive to empower parents to help teach their babies to pre-schoolers how to swim, take on challenges and new experiences in the pool.

Progressing from lessons with parents we then go onto lessons where we take our skills and go solo pushing Mum and Dad to the side!

We also specialise on a few areas from working to improve water confidence, nervousness and disabilities.

Below you’ll find the information you need about our courses and our methodology.

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Girl Swimming in Pool


Time For A Splash


Rainbow Aquatics provides inclusive and progressive courses on a schedule of learning through exploration, scrutiny and self-reflection. Our classes combine hands-on experience with child-led knowledge-based teaching in a fun and friendly atmosphere - take a look at our reviews and contact Rainbow Aquatics to learn more.

Generally our courses are 5 weeks long and run back to back, we run in line with term times (in Wiltshire) sometimes we have special summer courses, end of term parties as well as themed lessons within our courses.

Baby Swimming - Rainbow Aquatics

Baby Swimming Course

Dive Right In (0-15mths)

As one of our most popular & joyful offerings, we recommend signing up for this course as early as possible as we fill up quickly.

Babies can join from birth and mum's from 6 / 8 weeks post check up.
Babies will learn through different stages; using sensory exploration, songs and activities.  As a fully baby led class, submersion swimming only occurs if and when a baby is happy and willing...

Toddler Swimming - Rainbow Aquatics

Toddler Course

Splashing good time (12mths - 3years)

This course has been highly regarded by countless parents & students throughout the years, and has provided the perfect foundation to enter the world of swimming. Toddler lessons inspire confidence and teach children co-ordination, water safety and pure enjoyment of the pool environment. Sessions continue to be child led and developed continuously to aid each and every swimmer.

Get in touch with questions or to learn more.

Pre-School Swimming - Rainbow Aquatics

Preschool Course

Growing Together (3yrs - 5yrs)

Through this stage, students have the opportunity to push their skills, techniques and confidence to a new level in a fun, dynamic way. Parents are still in the water but taking a much bigger step back and there as a support structure for the children. These lessons bring so much joy and accomplishment to both child and parent.

STAnley awards and badges are achieved in these lessons.

Contact us today to learn more about each of our course offerings.


Private & Unique Lessons

Hands - On Learning, You Take Control

We can offer lessons to suit your needs; these can be purely on water safety, sensory discovery or 1-1, 2-1 private lessons. 

We are currently completing our Alterative Provider paperwork with Wiltshire Council, as we offer sessions for Home Educated children and children with further needs.

We can even teach in your own pool environment and tailor lessons to suit your own needs in your own home. 


Just get in touch with what you need!

Can’t find the class you’re looking for? Reach out today!

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