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What Is Rainbow Aquatics Aqua Fitness & Aqua Yoga?

This is the grown up side to Rainbow Aquatics, same great teachers, same energy, commitment and drive.

We know the benefits of hydrotherapy waters from our sessions with children and how much hydrotherapy temperatures are so good for the body. Yet there wasn't anything out there for adults! 

So we have Aqua Fitness and Aqua Yoga, all perfectly adapted to water and hydrotherapy temperatures.

Our sessions grow and expand with what we enjoy as well as what you enjoy, so ask, communicate and lets see what else we can add to the timetable!


Aqua Fitness

Our Aqua Fitness sessions take place in a lovely Hydro Pool with upbeat current music, low

lighting during our evening sessions and we provide any equipment needed.

Just bring yourself and a bottle of water! You can wear swimming costumes or shorts and T-shirt, whatever makes you feel comfortable.


Our sessions are available to all ages from 12 years and up; Any ability can join a session and the activities can be adjusted to any injury or disability. We ask everyone to complete a PARQ before their first session. If you have any questions please contact us.

So.. What happens?

Each session we will run through a variety of movements. Suitable for all abilities and levels of intensity, the intensity level is set by YOU; if you want to work harder you can but if you need to pull back then its completely fine everyone is on their own journey.  


Aqua Fitness is amazing exercise because in the water your heart rate actually lowers allowing you to exercise effectively for longer; the water keeps your cooler during the workout (even though the water is 34 C!) which makes it great exercise for everyone!  

Exercise in the water is low impact therefore removes the pressure on your body and allows you to have a full body workout! Thus meaning the normal stress and strains on the body in general exercise will not be there, and more importantly very minimal (if any)  muscle fatigue the next day! 

From the social well being, higher calorie burn than general exercise, we are also maintaining and building healthier lungs and hearts. Your muscles will build and tone throughout each session; your flexibility will increase and you will surprise yourself at your own ability with the water there for support! (Don't panic we also have a perfect hand rail all around the pool for extra support should you need it!)  

Fitness is suitable for everyone even if you have a whole host of medical issues from but not limited to Diabetes, asthma, chronic/lifetime illnesses to heart attack survivors.  

Sessions are at a range of locations, times and day; the session is around 45 minutes. 

Aqua Fitness session can be any of the following:

* Aqua Fitness

* Aqua Strength

* Aqua Tabata

* Aqua Barre

* Aqua Dance (Coming Soon)

Aqua Yoga

Aqua yoga is another unique water fitness activity that is suitable for a whole range of people, not just those that

have tried yoga before or yoga enthusiasts! Within the water you can concentrate on your own body alignment due to the support of the water. Which is great for people in rehab for all kinds of injuries as well as anyone suffering with long term illnesses, pre/post natal ladies, post surgery as well as many others.

So what happens?

Each session is started with simple breathing exercises to help your body and mind to relax and rejuvenate, you feel your stress leaving your body, your lung function improving. We go into some simple well known yoga moves to stretch and awaken the body, this strengthens and boosts your flexibility.

Each session is full of alignment focus, relaxation, stretches as well as a fun and social environment that boosts your quality of life, aids sleep, helps combat balance and pain issues. All session are in low lighting with relaxing music, we will talk you through each movement, progression and reminding you to breathe through the stretches. When the equipment comes out the giggles start! You are introduced to different core positions each week, we promise no moves take place underwater but cannot guarantee the odd splash here and there! We finish the session with a full body flotation and relaxation allowing the magic of the hydrotherapy water to work. 

Again in these sessions, you can wear what you feel comfortable in as long as it allows you to move freely. We will provide any equipment you may need just don't forget your water bottle!

Aqua Fitness, Aqua Tabata, Aqua Barre, Aqua Dance, Aqua Strength

Aqua Sound Bath

Have you wanted to embrace the serene settings of your soul?  

Is your mind logical but somehow spun out of reason?


Questions like these have spurned the growth of the burgeoning sound therapy industry.  Based on ancient healing techniques aquatic therapy is designed to harness the vibratory energy of every cell in the body to achieve its “Resonant Frequency” the practice of “Sounds Baths” functions as a massage to soothe the body and a meditation to ease the mind.  


Floating weightless in warm water with the world sealed off visually and aurally the mind begins to clear the persuasion of thoughts and fine tune the brain’s perception of sound; this clears our auditory system, and balances the energy centers of the body (the chakras); all of which awaken the intuitive and creative part of the brain, balance the nervous system, and release anxiety to offer a meditative state. Peace fills the mind and allows for the real physical and spiritual healing to take over.

 Sound Therapy and Aquatic Therapy provide astounding results for pain and stress relief, improved sleeping and increased energy. 


These sessions are suitable for everyone looking for a little bit of me time, you will be full supported in your flotation session by staff in the pool with you. Equipment is provided to allow you to float with pure ease. There is Low lighting throughout the whole session as well as the perfect music to open the chakras. Music ranges from meditation, singing bowls and Tibetan rainforest.

Can I Take Part?

For a range of abilities / disabilities that both Aqua Fitness & Aqua Yoga is suitable please see below:

Arthritis - Hip / Knee replacements - MS - Fibromyalgia - Lupus -  Muscular Dystrophy - Anxiety - Depression

Pre / Post Natal - Post Surgery - Sciatica - Diabetes - Asthma - Weight - High Blood pressure - Heart Attacks


This is NOT the full list! Any questions please contact us

Cancelation & Refunds

We run small classes that must be booked in advanced to ensure the correct numbers for the pool and class, depending on location numbers run from 5/6 per class (Rainbow Lagoon) 9 per class (Harrys Hydro)

All spaces booked are non-transferable or refundable, for this reason we have only a week or two available on the system for booking to allow you the most flexibility when knowing your own commitments. Spaces must be booked 12 hours before the session to ensure the session will go ahead, minimal numbers are required at some locations.

We do not run memberships which again gives you the most flexibility when booking sessions you wish to attend.


Any questions please contact us

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