Latest Update

May / June 2021

We are onto our second course since lockdown as eased, we are still not fully open in all areas but we are getting closer each and every day. 

Still at the moment we are not allowed any spectators, the only people pool side are parents that are swimming their children in back to back lessons for safety reasons of the children.

If on the 21st June more restrictions lift and change this will be reflected as soon as possible.  Our July course by this time will be booked and ready to begin, I will make any changes immediately if possible but so,e may roll into our September course.

Please don't forget to pop your shoes into a bag when entering and not put them back on until you are in the porch matted area on leaving. 

All nappies MUST go home with you, the bin is provided for the wipes you are using to clean your pods before and after use. Please also remember no food, drinks or Talc powder / creams can be used at Harry's.

I hope you are enjoying your lessons, don't forget you can review us on google as well as social media pages.

April 2021

So we have the GREEN LIGHT!

I am working behind the scenes crossing the ‘T‘s’ and dotting the ‘i’s’ ready to get back to it on Saturday 17th! 

Can I just thank Borris for adding this to my already crazy half term?! BUT I will do it for you!

Not much has changed from December... can you remember that far back? Feels like a lifetime for me! Please check out the videos below for procedures and what to expect, if you have any questions please drop me a message! 

See you soon Harry’s!!

March 2021

How are we in March already?! Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday, due to home schooling I got so far behind on everyone's birthday wishes so I will catch up soon!! Here is a little video update otherwise I could be writing for months!! 

Harrys plan to reopen for 17th April. Larkrise - no update yet - sorry guys!

January 2021

Somerset have gone into a tier 4; which means Harry’s Hydro is not allowed to open for our swimming lessons.

All our policies and procedures are up to date and active so the plan is to restart our lessons as soon as Frome goes back to a tier 3 or lower. As you can imagine this is impossible for any of us to guess as to when this will be, I intend on staying up-to date with the local and national guidance and following their leads.

Payments will be carried forward to the new dates, direct bookers I will be in contact when we have a new start date with regards to the new monthly cost, payments already made will be carried forward.

Anyone with a payment outstanding for their booking, please if you are in the position to do so, process the payment to the date on the invoice as this will make reopening quicker for all.

November 2020

Lockdown 2.0! So with the announcement on Halloween that a new lockdown was to take place we are once again at the point where all lessons are suspended. 

Plan A is that all lessons will be moved to the new dates of 5th December - 19th December; this all being well that we come out of lockdown and are allowed to restart the same as we lockdown. As you are all aware this is always a bit of a guessing game and we can only take it one day or one announcement at a time. 

If anyone has any questions please let me know.


October 2020

With the changes from last term to teaching outside of the pool, I have taken the decision to add a new changing room to have 5 pairs in the pool per lesson.

This is still under the maximum amount recommended by all the governing bodies and the government as Harry's can have between 7-10 pairs safely according to their calculations. Now this is something I do disagree with as as soon as we start hitting 7 pairs in Harrys I feel it becomes too cramped so will never get to these numbers! 

As always I will be monitoring the situation and making any adjustments accordingly!

I hope you have been enjoying being back in lessons and thank you for your support!

Pirate Jen.jpg

Sept 2020

Preparing for our second course since re-opening I have re-filmed some of the important information and rules that we MUST abide by. 

Any questions, please let me know

3rd August Update


We have had two successful lessons at Harry's Hydro! Thank you to everyone for coming 'beach ready' and understanding the importance of social distancing, turn around of the changing spaces and just the children for all being absolute rock stars back in the swimming pool!

We have had some disappointing news however understandable news that Larkrise will not be open until at least November once all the new school children have settled, new risk assessments and cleaning routines are in place. Therefore until we are able to swim again at Larkrise's all swimmers (as always) are welcome to join us at Harry's in Frome, lesson credits can be used at this location too. For more information please do reply to your information email regarding this.

As we all are watching the news and numbers carefully, I ask for you all to remain vigilant and follow our check list each week to ensure you are ALL safe to swim. If we do go into a local lock-down in Somerset or Wiltshire this will of course effect lessons and I will be in contact at the earliest opportunity. 

With our new booking system I am able to send mass text messages and emails quickly so please keep your parent portal up-to date on contact numbers and contact preferences.  

11th July Update 

Hurray! So we have a green light for 25th July!

I am in the process of setting up a new booking system where you will have an amazing parent portal so you can track your little ones progress as we go! 

This should be finished this week and then we will be able to open booking up to all our swimmers. From here you will be able to select a time from our NEW timetable.

The timetable is reflective of our smaller class sizes, we have managed to maintain our lesson costs and hope for this to continue.

Thank you for supporting us and we will SPLASH YOU SOON!

Update June - July 2020

I've made a few video's to update you all to save an email as long as my arm!

A video for my little swimmers:










Video 1 - Rambles update

Video 2 - Update on facilities & protocols to keep us all safe

Video 3 - Classes / Bookings & Payment

















So just to recap and answer some questions NOT covered in the video's.

* Classes are going to become smaller benefiting everyone!
* One way system, I hope to video and photograph this soon!
* Bubbles & Pod systems in place.
* Credit system in place

If you were super speedy (I love you!) and booked and PAID for the next course we were due to start in APRIL, I will contact you the same as my direct booker's to get your swimming space before I open the swimming spaces up to everyone.  If you only booked and did not pay I have already voided the invoice and will ask you to book the same as any non-booker's.

1-1 or 2-1's at the moment it is still not advised that these sessions pick up to the same level that I am happy to deliver. Therefore you are more than welcome to join the sessions with a parent that i will be running or continue these sessions again in (potentially) September when we are expecting more 'normality' of what we were use to. Any questions or queries please email me.

If you are a LARKRISE swimmer and thinking HEY WHAT ABOUT ME! Until the pool has a go ahead date from the education department, the local government and the school governors you will be welcome to join us at Harry's in Frome on a Saturday. If this is not possible (no problem!) then we will hopefully be back up and running as normal in September (i'm guessing at the earliest)

If you have any other questions please do let me know and if i find a common question i will add the details here.

Covid specific Questionnaire for returning swimmers: 

This may be re-issued and tweaked following guidance from governing bodies.

covid check list
Smiling buba
Smiling buba

Chasing a toy
Chasing a toy

Parents having fun too
Parents having fun too

Smiling buba
Smiling buba


**Closed due to Lockdown**

Following guidance and expected lockdown procedures to be in place shortly, we have suspended all lessons in the interest to keep you all safe.

It comes with a very heavy heart to do this however we must stay safe.

Lessons will resume as soon as possible following any guidance laid out to us via the government and our governing bodies.

Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me, I am still here and able to talk to you or the children.