Larkrise School can only be accessed from 3:50pm, parking will only become available from 3:45pm


Do not try to enter site for parking until 3:45pm as minibuses full of students will still be exiting school.

You can enter the front main door by using this code: 2602 ent

Without this code you cannot enter, if this happens please phone me on 07977922758; Please do not use the call system to gain access, or knock on the front window where you may see staff, they are not allowed to grant you access.

Once in the lobby there is then an internal door, to enter it is 2607 when leaving through this door it is 2607A


Exiting the front door the code is again 2602

On entering the school you take the right hand side corridor towards the pool, follow the corridor to the back of the school, follow the corridor to the left and half way down the back corridor you will find the pool on your right. (The door is in between boys and girls toilets)

Before entering the pool please leave shoes for EVERYONE in the changing rooms. Access to the pool is through one final door and instructions will be there on how to open. Please keep this door closed to maintain safety and the pool temperature.

I will be on hand for directions and assistance for the first lesson of each term, this sometimes can result in lessons running a little behind to help with getting to know our school.


Larkrise School